Fishing river DeLux

Description of service:

Meeting the guests at the Krasnoyarsk airport. The meeting is carried out with the professional translator and the representative of the accepting company. A transfer to the next airport (5 min.) for a change for Turukhansk or a transfer to the hotel in Krasnoyarsk for rest and the next day is a transfer to the airport.The transfer is carried out by new VIP cars, one car is for 2 people. The loading-unloading with all of the guests' possessions will be provided by the accepting company.


We fly to Turukhansk by plane (the duration of the flight is 2 hours 40 minutes). The translator and the representative of the accepting company fly with the guests. At the Turukhansk airport we go by cars of a simple class, then we go to the mooring, after that we change to the hovercraft and we go to the initial point of recreation camp. The translator and the representative of the company accompany you during the whole time.


When we arrive to the recreation camp, the guests settle down, they can have a rest and get acquainted. The guests can start fishing if they want.

The main fishing takes place not far from base. All next days, on fishing we leave on the hovercraft. To such places as: Kosoy threshold of Severnaya river, the mouth of Delingde river, the mouth of Pashkino river, Severnaya river "three

streams", Severnaya river of Bolshoy threshold, Severnaya river (islands), Severnaya river. At the request of the guests, we can stop for fishing so far we go to the destination (only if fishing is possible in this place). On average, every day we pass 50 km.



Traditional Russian, Siberian dishes, such as borsch, Russian cabbage soup, threefold fish soup and many other, 4-meals daily: breakfast, lunch and dinner, brunch. The range includes several types of salads, 2 main courses, 4 hot plates, fruit and vegetables. Addition to the meal: lard, smoked lard, salty ramson, mushrooms, vegetables, saguday, dried venison. Fish dishes. Dessert: tea with honey, pancakes, hash browns with sour cream (at option). Every second day there is the evening of grill mutton and pork (at option of a group). Every evening there is a grill fish crop (if necessary).


There will be a physician, a cook, water transport drivers, 2 gamekeepers with weapon, accompanying people and a translator at the camp.

Tour price

The tour price includes:

* The duration (7-10 days);

* A flight from Krasnoyarsk to Turukhansk and back;

* All car transportations;

* Number of participants (from 4 to 12 people);

* Accommodation in a comfortable house in the form of an " Yurt";

* The tent bath;

* Services of the physician;

* Services of the accompanying person;

* Translation service;

* Services of the water transport drivers;

* Services of 2 gamekeepers with weapon for our safety at the recreation camp *;

* 4 meals daily;

* The health insurance of each guest for the sum of 64 000 USD;

* An insurance from a tick for each guest;

* The generator for equipment charging;

* Nice gifts to each participant;

* Implementation of the general management on a route;

* Safety throughout.

* The gamekeepers are only at the camp.During the transferring by aircushion, the driver of the aircushion is responsible for the safety of the guests.

Cost for 1 persona: 3595 euro.

Additional services:

* Professional photographing -2032 euro (for a group);

* Individual video filming from the quadcopter - 2500 euro (for a group). There will be two options of video filming: the first is short (as in a presentation roller, only with your participation), and the second will include all shootings for the entire period;

* Delivery by helicopter to the recreation camp - the approximate cost of one hour of a flight is 2141 euro, it is discussed individually on demand.