Trophy fishing: taimen, pike, grayling, perch, whitefish, lenok.

Venue: Krasnoyarsk Krai, Turukhansk, Severnaya river, Sukhaya Tunguska river, Fatyanikha, etc.

Fishing season: since June until the end of September.

Preference of booking of a tour: the set is open.

Cost for 1 persona: 1960 euro



The payment includes:

* Duration — 7 days;

* The number of participants — from 4 to 6 people;

* Installation of the camp (saloon, tents, shower, fireplace);

* Accommodation in a tent;

* The tent bath;

* Services of the guide;

* Nutrition;

* The generator for equipment charging;

* Implementation of the general management during the route;

* Nice gifts to each participant;

* The health insurance of each participant for the sum of 32 000 USD.

The payment doesn't include:

* A flight from Krasnoyarsk to Turukhansk and back *;

* alcohol and delicacies (participants can bring them, if it's necessary);

* fishing equipment (on demand);

* we strongly recommend to book and redeem air tickets beforehand at the time of market launch!

Additional services:

* Professional photographing - 1250 euro (for a group);

* Individual video filming from the quadcopter- 2345 euro (for a group). There will be two options of video filming: the first is short (as in a presentation

roller, only with your participation), and the second will include all shootings for the entire period;

* Delivery by helicopter - the approximate cost of one hour of a flight is 2141 euro.

Tour program:

1 day — Meeting at the Turukhansk airport, the next is a transfer by car right to the mooring (10 - 15 minutes), then changing to the air cushion and going to the camp (approximately 5 hours);

2 day — Fishing, Kosoy threshold of Severnaya river. Fishing, the mouth of Delingde river;

3 day — Fishing, Severnaya river, the mouth of Pashkino river;

4 day — Fishing, Severnaya river, "three streams";

5 day — Fishing, Severnaya river, Bolshoy threshold;

6 day — Fishing, Severnaya river (islands);

7 day — the Transfer recreation camp - the Turukhansk airport


Full maintenance during the whole vacation. * The tour program can be changed according to the instructors' decision in connection with the change of a water situation on the rivers.

** The organizers have the right to change, supplement the cost in the case of price changes in direct expenses (combustive and lubricating materials, tickets, etc.).

Recommendations on fishing equipment:

Mosquito net, a mosquito-repellent spray, a sleeping bag, a warm jacket, a raincoat, moss green boots, second pair of shoes, sunglasses, a sports hat, gloves, a backpack or a traveling bag.

All things have to be packed into plastic bags or sacks.

It is necessary to have the individual first-aid kit taking into account features of the participant.

Attention! The extreme weight of equipment on each participant is no more than 20 kg.

Nutrition: Three meals daily (hot Breakfast and dinner, afternoon snack, tea, coffee). In the diet include: porridge, soups, fish dishes, meat – stew.